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By Jacque Kudner

Remagine Designs By Jacque Kudner | The Scarab | Handmade Jewelry

With a deep passion to create, Jacque Kudner has always viewed art as one of the most important aspects of her life. Hailing from Michigan, Jacque started out as a high school art teacher. As her craft developed, she not only started selling pieces with The Scarab and a few stores in Michigan, she also started to teach her own jewelry making classes.

Handmade and One Of A Kind Jewelry | The Scarab

Specializing in vintage and one of a kind creations, Jacque uses found objects to create her stunning jewelry.  With each piece unique and many found items used in her treasures, Jacque's creations are truly works of art meant to be treasured for a lifetime and more.

Jewelry Box | Handmade | Treasures | Remagine Designs

Not only does Jacque create amazing necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings; she also loves to create one of a kind decor and treasures. From jewelry boxes and prayer chests to journals and shoes, Jacque is overflowing with an abundance of creativity.

Remagine Designs Handmade Jewelry | The Scarab | Colorado

As you can tell, we ADORE Jacque and every single thing she creates! She truly is one of the most inspiring and innovative artists whom we have crossed paths with. We love traveling with Jacque's jewelry for pop up shops as well as hosting trunk shows with larger collections of her work in our own shop in Minturn, Colorado. 

Handmade Jewelry | The Scarab | Vail Valley Magazine

View close up images of Jacque's work in our lookbook.

If you are interested in hosting a pop up or trunk show with Remagine Designs, please get in touch! We would love to collaborate.



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  • Jacque kudner

    I love you Janie. Thank you for being part of my life.
    The Scarab has been wonderful to me, so supportive of my work, and such a good friend.❤

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