Art Discoveries at The Tucson Gem Show

Bronze Sculptures | Burkina Faso | The Scarab

Bronze Sculptures from Burkina Faso

Bronze Sculptures | Women | Burkina Faso | The Scarab

West African artist Kofi Awudu Ouedraogo creates stunning bronze sculptures. Jane and I discovered Kofi while wandering what we deemed as 'The African Village' during The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. This particular area featured tents and tents filled with African antiques, textiles, art, fashion, pottery and more.

West African Art | Bronze Sculptures | Women | The Scarab

Kofi's work was easy to pick out of the rest.

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Unlike most of the booths there who featured antiques, Kofi's booth featured pieces of art that were obviously new creations. His sculptures were so sweet and delicate that it was hard to see them and not stop for a while.

 Fairy Sculpture | Bronze Art | West Africa | The Scarab

After perusing for several minutes, we started to chat with Kofi. He was rather soft spoken and carried a very calm demeanor. He explained that each of his creations is one of a kind. He first carves forms in beeswax and then casts them in bronze. 

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The Scarab will carry a small assortment of sculptures by Kofi. If you are interested in any special orders, then please get in touch.

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