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We love our mountainy life here in Colorado... but, there is one other place (in particular) that we quite like. That place is Texas! More specifically, we love our time, friends and discoveries during Texas Antiques Week, which takes place twice a year in Round Top, Texas. Get to know some of our favorite friends from our Texas adventures.


Meet Barbara & Kwaku

Our Texas Tribe | Shop The Scarab | One Of A Kind

Each year, we stay with our friends Kwaku and Barbara on their artist compound and homebase of Bedikos Tropical Steel. Kwaku and his metal art became mainstream when they began creating all the palm trees for the Chuy's Mexican Restaurant. The property and metalsmithing space is full of inspiration! There are buses turned bedrooms, old campers rented out, tiny houses, sculpture art everywhere and outdoor living spaces inspired by life in Belize. We are so grateful to have such a magical space to stay during our time in Texas. Although these guys do not make merchandise for our shop, they definitely provide necessary inspirations and motivations for our creative endeavors.


Meet Iowa Mike

Shop Round Top | The Scarab | Inspired Created Handmade

Iowa Mike is another friend who we regularly have visited during our Round Top adventures. A retired Vet, Mike collects one of a kind antiques and oddities. We are never quite sure what kind of treasure we will find in his booth from antique shaving kits to glass cats, carved walking canes or front door mats. 


Meet James & Jayme

Bonedust Jewelry | The Scarab | Handmade 

James and Jayme are the creative duo behind the one and only Bonedust Cowgirl. They hand-carve one of a kind jewelry and accessories using bone, antler and leather. With such a unique look, Bonedust definitely has a strong following and we try to always have an assortment of their creations available in our shop.

Bonedust | Forgiven | Hand-carved Jewelry | The Scarab



Meet Angela & Maria

Honest Cotton | The Scarab | Our TribeFollowing in the footsteps of her fashion designer mother, Angela now runs Honest Cotton, a clothing line using ethically sourced and created fashions. With the most fabulous and comfortable clothing, we not only sell Honest Cotton products, we also love to wear them! Although Angela and Maria are often busy running their booth during the daytime, you can almost always find us all cooking up a delightful dinner together during the evenings. 


Meet Richard Schmidt

Richard Schmidt Jewelry | The Scarab | Handmade

Another part of our Texas tribe is the Schmidt family! Richard Schmidt is an established silversmith based in La Grange, Texas. As a regular vendor during Round Top, Richard Schmidt Jewelry has quite the following of women who are in love with his jewels! We always carry a selection of his work in our shop and it never disappoints. As much as we love buying Richard's jewelry, we also love attending dinner at his lovely home in La Grange during each of our visits.


Meet Genie Vince

Genie Vince | The Scarab | Inspired Created Handmade

Genie is another one of Jane's long time friends and artists who she originally met out at Round Top. Not only does Genie collect the most unique and intriguing assortment of rusty junk and baby doll parts and pieces, she also handcrafts our embellished skulls. Genie decorates bison, deer, and longhorn skulls with anything she can find from crystals, feathers, broken jewels and more. With each piece unique, we are always excited to see what new creations she comes up with!


Meet Jane and AlisaJane CanCan Rohr | The Scarab  | Tribe Finds

For those of you who don't already know, this is Jane, the owner of The Scarab along with her best friend and partner in crime, Alisa. Alisa has not only been a friend to Jane for years, she always attends our Texas buying trips in order to keep us sane and organized :)

Meet The Photographer

Janie Viehman | The Scarab Photographer

This is me, Janie. I have worked for Jane since 2013 and absolutely LOVE following her around with my camera. Not only do I enjoy grabbing great shots of our adventures, I also manage our website and marketing. You can see my photography work here!


We love all these people and many more amazingly talented friends who we encounter each year. It is these friends and artists who allow us to have a truly unique and one of a kind shop and for that, we are so grateful! The best part is that each year, we find new incredible talent to share with our tribe of followers!



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