Hill Tribe Silver SALE

Hill Tribe Silver | Snake | Jewelry

We are hosting a SALE on all of our Hill Tribe Silver.

Hill Tribe Silver | Thai Jewelry | SALE | Handmade
Hill Tribe Silver jewelry can also be known as Karen Tribe Silver or Thai Silver and it consists of 0.999 silver. This high amount of silver makes the metal more malleable.  
Dragonfly | Hill Tribe Silver | Jewelry | Sale
Traditionally, tribes in Thailand  stamp or etch geometric shapes, patterns and designs into their jewelry. Our Thai Silver is newly crafted using traditional tribal techniques.
Hill Tribe Silver Jewelry Sale | Handmade | The Scarab | Swirl 
Hill Tribe Silver is quite similar to sterling silver and can be polished and treated in the same manner. We love this jewelry and are excited to be able to share it at 15%-30% off our typical prices.
Hill Tribe Silver | Thai Silver | SALE | Shop The Scarab

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