The Scarab Discovers Rancho Pillow

Tucked away in the fields of Round Top, Texas sits a magical space called Rancho Pillow. When Jane and I were first invited to attend a mercado at Rancho Pillow by a close friend, we had no idea just what to expect...

We found the mercado to be full of about ten unique artists showcasing a number of different and incredible treasures from one of a kind art, to jewelry and textiles, handmade leather shoes and more. Creative minds from differing places of the world had all gathered to share their crafts, it was lovely.

Along with the mercado, which was set up in a beautiful circus-style tent, there was also a number of out buildings, teepees and even an authentic bedouin tent! The decor of each space was absolutely unique and perfect. Everything there exudes creativity.

 What an amazing space it was to discover! With 20 acres full of wonder and just a short drive from Austin, Rancho Pillow can be rented out for parties & events or even just a weekend away. Be sure to make a stop if you are ever in that area, we highly recommend it!


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  • Stephanie C.

    what an inspiring place, i love Rancho pillow ! thanks for your beautiful website, with love, s.

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