Adventures at The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Each year during January and February, Tucson becomes home to the world's largest gem and mineral show! There are huge tents all over the town, blocks and blocks filled with vendors, entire hotels with each room rented out as a vendor's space and more! Upon arriving to this madness for the first time in 2015, we were slightly overwhelmed.

Thank heavens for my fabulous uncle who volunteered to lead Jane and I around considering that he has attended the Gem Show for the past fifteen years! We have enjoyed many different tents and venues throughout town although a little place that my uncle refers to as 'skid-row' has been one of our favorite spots. Skid-Row is a three block stretch of cheap motels that rent out each room to a vendor. With hundreds of motel rooms full treasures and trinkets as well as huge tents full of vendors filling any open space between the motels, there is never a shortage of pretty things to see!

Despite the obvious plethora of crystals and minerals, you can also find one of a kind jewelry, African textiles, alpaca shawls and clothing, Turkish embroidered textiles, paintings, jewelry making supplies, beads, antiques of all sorts, knives and daggers, display pieces and much much more!

We have found some truly unique and talented artists at this event and have been so excited to share their handcrafted jewels and treasures with you all! We had one of our favorite artists, Jacque Kudner of Remagine Designs, follow us around for a day at this years show. She was absolutely blown away by the magnitude of this event and the many amazing pieces she found to help continue her creative endeavors.
As always, Jane and I had an absolute blast adventuring through Tucson and picking up jewels and treasures all along the way! We hope you enjoying seeing bits and pieces of our adventure.

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