Jill Suarez and About Hair

Small mountain town living has some amazing perks... hiking trails, puppies everywhere, nature's creatures, skiing, everyone knows your name and of course, the spectacular views (even at the grocery store)! As can be expected with all things in life, there are also some downsides to living in our tiny, magical, mountain community. One big issue is finding a reliable and talented hairdresser that you can actually trust. Yes this may seem unimportant but common people... we all know how crucial a good hairdo can be!

Our dear friend and customer Jill Suarez is the lady in the valley to go to for cuts, dyes or styling! Her studio is called About Hair and is located at 200 Capitol St. in Eagle, Colorado. We highly recommend her and wanted to help spread the word! 

Here is a cute photo of Jill rocking her latest purchase from The Scarab boutique, our feather earrings! These kickass earrings are literally trash turned treasure, they were handmade by another friend in Red Cliff who used bike inner tubes and sterling silver ear wire to create these awesome pieces.


Jill Suarez | About Hair | Best Hair Salon | Vail Valley | Colorado | Eagle


Buy some feather earrings of your own!

Get in touch with Jill to schedule an appointment!

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