Alex Streeter Jewelry at The Scarab

Alex Streeter began his career during the Summer Of Love in none other than San Francisco, the Haight-Ashbury area to be precise. Starting off with hand carving into word and progressing into soldering and forging different metals, Alex's skills as a jewelry artist have continually grown. Early on, many of his creations were sold at some of the most famous original Haight-Ashbury stores. 

Alex Streeter Jewelry | The Scarab | Colorado

In the 70's, Streeter moved back to his native New York where he opened up his first shop called 'Store' in the Soho District. He began traveling and finding inspiration from his adventures as well as in other cultures. Of course, this helped his craft progress even more as he began wax-casting and even working on my sculptural creations.

Alex Streeter History | The Scarab | Handmade Jewelry

While his his craft as a jewelry artist was already gaining momentum, Alex caught a big break when he was enlisted to create a ring for Robert De Niro for the movie Angel Heart. The ring worn by De Niro became one of Alex's most popular designs.

Robert De Niro wear Alex Streeter Jewelry

Now residing in Tucson, Arizona, Alex is still creating and his Soho store is still bustling. Daughter Lily Streeter has joined the family business and now runs his Soho location along with handling all of his marketing. You can find Alex's jewels at his Soho shop or from another select group of retailers such as The Scarab.


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