A Chance Encounter with Stewart S. Warren

My favorite part of working retail is the chance to meet and engage with so many interesting people! Just last week, Jane and I had the opportunity to engage with one of the most interesting men that we have encountered, Stewart S. Warren

Stewart S. Warren | Author | Tarot Readings | Poetry | The Scarab Tribe Finds

At the time, we had no idea that such a talented poet, writer and tarot reader was wandering through out little shop. To us, he first seemed just like any other customer. Then, we began to realize how calm and grounded he seemed. His energy was just delightful. He was thoroughly entertained by listening to the soft tones of this antique Tibetan Bell that we had sitting on the shelf. Now, we were beginning to be intrigued by this man.

Once conversation with Stewart began, it took no time at all to realize that we were all vibrating on the same frequency. We were all three, clearly, the types of people that just 'got each other'. As we discussed life, love, beliefs and reality, it was no surprise to me that Stewart then offered to give Jane a reading. I popped up from my desk requesting my own reading as well! Of course, Stewart obliged and both Jane and myself received truly incredible Tarot Readings down by the river in Minturn.

Stewart S. Warren | Tarot Reader | Author | The Scarab Tribe Finds

Stewart has a number of published poetry books as well as 'Way Of The Current: Tarot Reflections', which is the book he used during both of our readings! We highly recommend all of Stewart's works as we truly enjoyed the pleasure of getting to know him and his thoughts. What a treat it was to have encountered each other!

Stewart S. Warren | Tarot | Chance Encounters | Shop The Scarab

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