Quartz Geode Set For Interior Design

Crystal displays are becoming more and more popular in the interior design world; from giant amethysts, bathtubs made of rose quartz, counters crafted in labradorite or simple quartz geodes placed about. The Scarab loves this trend of using nature's beautiful creations as pieces of art stirring up intrigue. 

Although we love more rare crystal specimens, the use of quartz seems to be the top trend in the design world. From tiny quartz chunks that are just a few inches to large quartz geodes that are several feet in diameter, designers are finding more and more spaces to display these great accents.

Our other favorite features of using crystals in interior design has to be the versatility! We have seen quartz geodes used in super clean and modern styled spaces and look so elegant. We also love seeing quartz accents used in more bohemian and colorful styled spaces. 

If you want an even brighter look, try out our dyed quartz pieces. With a matte black coating on the outside of the geode, the inside is treated with an oxidation process causing bright colors! We have an assortment of magenta hued crystals covered in speckles of gold and yellow.



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