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Friend and design consultant Stephanie Caldy visited our shop in Minturn and shared her feng shui expertise on how we could improve the energetic flow of our shop. After a wonderful consultation, we received some great pointers from Stephanie. We wanted to share her process along with her ideas for The Scarab.


What is Professional Feng Shui and Sensitive Design ?

Maximize the energy flow

The goal of a professional Feng Shui and Sensitive Design consultation is to maximize the flow of energy in order to improve public perception and feelings of a brand, in an office or a store space. We aim at optimizing the experience people have in retail spaces, offices and professional spaces.

Enhance the public experience

Blending traditional Feng Shui principles, design and brand communication, we first start working on "macro" implementation and transition zones so that the brand key messages are perceptible from the outside. (Showcase, signs, entrance, waiting rooms).

Then, we search for solutions to optimize the "hot zones":  It is generally situated to the right of the entrance, moving to the center, following the circuit of the chi  (which also corresponds to the path taken by a majority of customers). Finally, we aim at heating or lighting up the so-called "cold" areas to reduce stagnation (chi, products that do not sell...).

What kind of public or audience is targeted with this technique ?

These are the brand’s customers, buyers, partners, but also the board, management and staff of a company. In an harmonized space, where the energy circulates in a fluid way, the public will experience, perceive and feel (through the senses) clear and specific messages from the brand, through each of the energetic or Feng Shui zones in the space.

What will change?

Feng Shui is said to be the art of placement. Generally, we move objects, furniture, signage, sometimes colors and lights. We can sometimes change the distribution of room’s functions. In summary, we find a way to develop coherence and harmony amongst everything that occupies the space. Visitors can feel more clarity, comfort and well-being through their exploring and buying experience.

What are the results ?

We can generally note a better frequentation, a better relationship and loyalty with clients and team, as well as a better visibility and reputation of the brand on the market.

These improvements naturally set up the way to develop sales and incomes. It also helps leaders with a better vision and creativity to take decisions as well as teams, with more happiness at work.


Ideas from The Scarab's Feng Shui Consultation

1 - South zone: A better macro implantation to boost brand visibility on the market: Clarify and enhance the entrance of the store with an elegant exterior sign and a decoration using mainly Fire and Wood elements.

Clear the way (move away a round metal table standing on the way)

2- South-East: Welcome to abundance! The Feng Shui ​​wealth zone is also where visitors catch their first impression when entering the store: Place new products, luxury range, treasures and precious gems. Add plants and open the view on the outside. This area is perfect for placing the counter.

3 - East: A healthy business. Clarify and enhance the side entry, located in the health sector of the company. Install an alley of trees and plants on the sidewalk, and a fountain inside (with water flow turned to the inside of the store).

4 - Center: Yin - Yang perfection : Place the jewelry, money counter for maximum flow in the all space.

5 - North: The brand foundations and history.
Consolidate and highlight the brand values ​​and strength by displaying its “mission and statement” board, as well as elements of its history. Celebrate here the 25th anniversary of The Scarab creations and success. Consolidate the brand foundations and stability with the rug collection display (Rugs have built the brand's success and reputation).

Move away or hide mirror on the back wall, reflecting back the chi coming in from the front entrance.

6 - North West and South West: Balance the feminine and masculine principles to harmonize relationship. Verify the placement of different functions (sales, consulting, offices, discussion area). Place products in harmony with the energy zone "temper” (carpets, furniture, jewelry, clothing, accessories, sewing workshop).

7 - Northeast: Quality, Research and Development Sector: Bring a strong light as well as Earth and Fire elements to this darker area of the store.

8- West: Awaken joy and creativity, with metal elements. The vintage electric guitar collection is at its best here, as well as the over-sized metal buffalo trophy.


We have implemented many of Stephanie's suggestions and are already feeling the difference! We highly recommend her great work. If you wish to contact Stephanie for your own sensitive design needs, you can do so here.

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